What are the ED man products that are FDA approved?

I have covered Viagra in the article that was dedicated entirely to that, the most popular of man products available today. However, it is not the only such product available today and these days you can actually choose among three distinct man products that are also called ED drugs or PDE5 inhibitors. In this article, I will say a few things about these products and point out some of the basic similarities and differences between them.

However, before I do that, I would like to let you in on their history for a bit. Namely, Viagra came out in 1998 and it soon established itself as the first, the original and the most revolutionary of the man products in history. It took five years before other manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies got in on this market and the second such product that got FDA approval and that was introduced onto the market was Levitra. In matter of months, Cialis came out as the third among these man products. These are still the only such ED man products available and they are still struggling for the prevalence on the market.

They all share the same mechanism of action. Namely, they all inhibit an enzyme known as PDE5 which has the tendency to deteriorate cGMP, an essential chemical for the erection process. When it is inhibited, PDE5 cannot act on the cGMP, which results in elevated levels of that second chemical, the relaxation of smooth muscles in the blood vessels and their expansion, whose ultimate result is an erection. However, as much as they are similar, these man products are also different in other aspects

For instance, they differ in their selectivity. Namely, when I said that they act on PDE5 enzyme, I should have said that they mostly act on this enzyme because in some people (depending on their constitution and some other characteristics), these medications might affect the enzymes that control the state of some other blood vessels throughout the body, which results in different side effects. For instance, Viagra and Levitra are more likely to cause headaches, while Cialis is more likely to cause back pain. However, in most cases, neither of these medications will cause any side effects at all.

However, the biggest and the most dramatic difference between these medications is the duration of their effects. For example, when you take Viagra, you have about 4 hours of effects during which you can rely on healthy erections. With Levitra, this duration is increased to five, five and a half hours, while Cialis simply trumps the competition with the duration of effects that goes beyond 24 hours. What this means is that you can take one Cialis pill every day and not even worry about your erectile dysfunction. That is, if you have the money and the will to take your Cialis every day.

One thing that all these products share is that they provide wonderful effects to men who were once unable to address their erectile dysfunction in a successful and safe way. These man products allow those men to enjoy in sex life that is as active as sex lives of men who have never heard of this condition. These pills can make your life so much better in case you are suffering from ED and there is really no reason why you should not give them a try.