Man products 101 – penis extenders

There are so many man products out there, all aimed at different aspects of the male performance and the male sexual health and function that it can get quite confusing and honestly, quite disheartening. This is especially true for man products which are advertised as penis enlargement products. There are plenty of these to choose from, ranging from pills to penis extenders. We must also not forget the penis pumps, penis enlargement surgery and other man products and “services” that are supposed to give you a bigger penis. However, I believe that the only way to do this safely and efficiently is with penis extenders, man products that I will talk a bit more about in this article.

Penis extenders have been around for less than two decades. The first such device came out in 1995 and as soon as it came out, it attracted plenty of attention. It came out in European Union and it was developed by a Danish company. It soon got all the certificates and stamps of approval from all the responsible EU agencies and since then, penis extenders have been sold as medical devices throughout the European Union, where you can get them in conventional pharmacies.

Penis extenders, as their name suggests, work by extending the penis. More precisely, they apply traction (stretching) to the penis over time which as a result has a permanent increase in size. The way in which this occurs is that this stretching leads to division of cells and creation of micro spaces inside the penile tissue. These spaces are then filled by newly-created tissue which is the basic way in which the human body deals when something is apparently missing. Because of this, you actually grew new tissue and thus get the increase in size that is going to last.

The downside, or a supposed and presumed downside of penis extenders is that they need to be worn for a long time. For instance, most manufacturers say that you should never wear them for less than 6 months with daily use that should always exceed 6 hours. This means that you will be wearing them for a long time each day, for at least half a year. And for many people, this seems as too much. Luckily, it is not. Penis extenders are very comfortable and they pose on inconvenience for the man who is wearing such man products.

Another interesting fact about these man products is that penis extenders are the preferred solution in cases of curvature of the penis. More and more doctors are recommending these devices as they are very successful at straightening curved penises, providing a relatively quick and a completely safe solution to this problem that can be quite serious in certain cases.

Of course, like with all other man products, it is important to know how to choose the best penis extenders and the advice that I would like to give you here and now would be to do research, extensive and comprehensive research that will ensure you have weighed all your options before you have settled for a certain brand of penis extenders.